Welcome to Free to Spiel, the podcast dedicated to helping you reconnect with the positive side of life!

Each episode takes the experiences of those actively pursuing a future filled with optimism, with the intention of encouraging you to alter your way of thinking and adopt a happier approach to life.

Everyone has a story – why not share yours with Free to Spiel today?

Episode 4: “You’re not born as a clean, blank slate”

Trigger warning: discussion of trauma, trauma triggers & childhood divorce.

Free to Spiel returns with a brand new podcast episode, this time on the topic of intergenerational trauma. To help us all understand the concept a little more, I’m joined by the super knowledgeable Saoirse, who is currently studying a Masters in Psychology and really knows her stuff when it comes to epigenetics, trauma-based triggers and breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma.

Saorise also opens up about her own experiences of intergenerational trauma, and how fears around stability vs. pursuing true purpose have played a huge role in shaping the life she leads today. Including a mix of scientific research, personal stories and spirituality, this podcast episode sure is a must listen!

Listen to the full episode here.

Episode 3: “Nothing stresses me more than a bus replacement service”

How do urban areas affect happiness? What can be done to make urban areas happier places to live? Does true happiness come from within, or is it influenced by external factors?

Today I’m joined by Charlotte Tate, who’s currently studying towards a Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning – as well as being a good friend of mine. We talk about all sorts (relating to positivity of course!), including allowing yourself time to worry each day, being affected by the weather, the psychology behind urban design, plant power and the stress that is social media.

Listen to the full episode here.

Episode 2: “Maybe your boyfriend wants to be your food baby daddy”

Trigger-warning: discussion of sexual harassment.

Welcome back to the Free to Spiel podcast! The special guest for this episode is my younger (but much taller) sister, Anne (you can find her on Instagram). We talk all about body image and sexualization, including some pretty shocking stories from school, relationships and the workplace. I hope you enjoy and learn from this podcast episode, especially in light of what’s going on in the media at the moment.

Listen to the full episode here.

Episode 1: “I was throwing up 3 times a day and no-one knew”

Trigger warning: in-depth discussion about bulimia.

Welcome to the very first episode of Free to Spiel! I’m super excited to be joined by my long-time friend and housemate Anna (@anna_harbord on Instagram), to have a conversation about her journey with bulimia. As it’s currently Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I’m launching this episode with the hopes that it will help at least one person who may be able to relate to her story.

Listen to the full episode here.

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