Seeking positivity in every situation

Trigger warning: mention of anxiety.

This Free to Spiel has been written by Callum, founder of Handmade Minds (@handmademinds on Instagram). In the piece, Callum speaks about how his tendency to bring positivity to every situation has helped manage his grief following his Mum’s passing last summer. Losing a loved one is never easy, and so I can’t thank Callum enough for opening up and sharing his personal story on Free to Spiel today.

I have been able to drive myself forward and push myself out of my comfort zones

My name is Callum. I am a Devon born and London living professional. I currently work full time and am also the Founder of Handmade Minds: a brand dedicated to improving mindfulness, so that people can live more positive and happier lives through meditative practices and affirmations.

I have always been a positive person and have tried to bring positivity to every situation. However, things have often held me back.

I suffer from anxiety, like many of us in today’s chaotic world. I have recently come across the term high functioning anxiety, and I think that defines it quite well. Whether it was giving speeches through college and university, being in new situations, or now my high intensity sales role, anxiety has always been a big part in my life.

Despite all of this, I have been able to drive myself forward and push myself out of my comfort zones. This ultimately led me to have a keen interest in self-development, mindfulness and positivity.

However, last year I came across a big mountain that I found myself needing to climb over.

Losing my Mum last year provoked a turning point

In July 2020, my Mum sadly passed away after 4 years of strength fighting against heart problems. Like so many people in the last 18 months, I lost someone I loved.

Her death took a huge toll on me and is something that I continue to go through as I write this. One thing that it has taught me is that beauty and positivity can be found in the most surprising places.

It has changed my perspective on life in so many ways. But it also reminded me of the importance of looking after yourself and adopting habits that will bring positivity to your life, and those around you.

I now aim to dedicate a portion of my day, each day to doing something that will bring me presence, positivity and/or relaxation. This usually includes running, candle meditation, reading or yoga. All of these activities are great ways to clear my mind and bring positivity and presence to my daily life.

In both my family and friendship groups, we often share ideas and are constantly looking to support each other. I think most of us, if not all of us realise the importance of spreading positivity and looking after ourselves.

Losing my Mum last year provoked a turning point and has been the driving force behind everything I have done for Handmade Minds, in the hope of spreading positivity – like the amazing work that Free to Spiel does!

“…find something that aligns with your beliefs, resonates with you and you will ultimately enjoy

I believe people have seen a huge difference between last year and now. They’ve said considering everything that has happened, I am in a positive place. There is still a long way to go over that mountain though, but with the right attitude, support systems and strategies in place, it is more than achievable!

My biggest top tip is that whatever you decide to spend your time on, whatever your preferred strategy is, just be consistent and keep it simple. Consistent habits will grow overtime and have a compounding effect. You can try to do a million and one things, but this could actually end up causing you more stress than before, ultimately ending up leaving you deflated and less positive.

So my advice is, find something that aligns with your beliefs, resonates with you and you will ultimately enjoy. Then, be consistent. Whether that is two times a week or once a day, consistency is key. You will see the compounding effects over time and see a drastic positive change in yourself.

I think another thing that I would like to add is regarding help. It might not be completely on topic; however, I think it is important to mention. I believe that we should normalise asking for help and support. If you aren’t in a positive place right now, don’t be afraid to ask your friends, your family or your loved ones for help. They might have tips for you, or they might be able to give you that little push and little snippet of motivation to help you along your journey to wherever you see yourself going.

Thank you Callum, for sharing your story! Readers can connect with the author via Instagram (@handmademinds).

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