Jumping straight into June!

Hellooo my lovely Free to Spiel supporters, I hope you’re feeling ready for and enthusiastic about June – we’re officially halfway through the year (how on earth…right?!).

After a fair few months of being in an ‘inspiration rut’, I’m feeling ready to get back into the swing of things. I have people’s guest features scheduled up until the end of July, followed by some big changes planned (more info to come nearer the time!). For now, I hope you enjoy this month’s guest features; don’t forget to subscribe to email updates, and remember to follow Free to Spiel on social media (@freetospiel).

Here is a short n’ sweet summary of what you can expect from Free to Spiel this month:

First off, we have Tori (find her here on Instagram) sharing her incredibly raw story about change, disruption and toxic relationships as a youth, and how all of these elements continued to influence her into adulthood – that is, until she sought help from both traditional and non-traditional sources.

We then have a guest feature written by the fantastic Janie, creator of @theselflovelist on Instagram. In the piece, Janie talks about certain life experiences, from bullying to breakups, and how they have all played a huge role in her self-love journey.

JP’s wonderful feature follows on, about how leading a life of luxury and indulgence whilst working in the corporate sector came to an end when he faced his true purpose in life. He has had a huge career change since, and now focuses on building relationships with local communities across south London – you can find him on IG here.

Last but not least, is Amy from My Honest Mentality. She bravely opens up about her year-long battle with depression back in 2019, and how a series of events in her personal life ended up being the turning point she needed.

Wishing everyone a sunny June!

Liz x

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