Making our way into May!

Hello everyone! Here’s your monthly update from yours truly, the founder of Free to Spiel.

I don’t know about you, but these have been a CRAZY few months for me! The UK has finally started emerging from the third lockdown, and there have been some huge changes on a personal level as well – including moving to part-time to focus on Free to Spiel & my freelance writing career (*hint hint* if you need any help with writing, then here‘s my Fiverr profile).

When it comes to Free to Spiel, I’ve decided to revert back to publishing 1 guest feature per week (instead of 2). This will allow me more time to focus on promoting each individual guest feature – after all, that’s what each writer deserves after opening up about their life experiences!

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Without further ado, here’s what you can expect from Free to Spiel this month:

To begin with, we have a feature written by the creator of @roses_bruises. She talks about her childhood experiences of ‘enmeshment’: a prominent yet lesser known type of trauma that’s extremely important for people (myself included) to know more about.

This is followed by a guest feature written by Kelly Stone Cramer, founder of Happiness Recharge (in fact, she very kindly let me re-post an existing blog post on her website). Kelly opens up about her experiences of self-loathing, and how important it is for everyone to face themselves by ‘peeling back’ each individual layer.

After Kelly’s feature is one by Jasmine Rowland, on the topic of burnout. Whilst she is a busy woman of many talents: radio presenter, journalist, CEO…Jasmine makes it strikingly clear that even she isn’t immune to burnout! Stay posted for some super helpful top tips, coming your way in the third week of this month.

Finally, the last guest feature in May has been written by Katie, creator of @present_in_the_present on Instagram. Since embarking upon a journey of personal growth, Katie no longer uses conversation to prevent being seen as awkward or boring; she focuses on confidence, mindfulness and gratitude instead!

Wishing everyone their very best month yet!

Liz x

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