More inspiring stories to come this April!

Happy April everyone!

This month celebrates 6 months since Free to Spiel’s very first guest feature was published, written by Katie Bielefeld (which you can read by clicking here).

I’d like to give a huge thank you to those of you who continue to support the platform – whether you’ve written a feature, read other people’s stories, or simply like and share Free to Spiel’s content on social media!

April has EVEN MORE inspiring stories in store for you – here’s an overview of what you can expect (and don’t forget to subscribe and receive an email update every time a new feature is published on Free to Spiel!):

To start this month off, we have a guest feature written by Christal VanEtten. She discusses the impact that a military upbringing had upon her identity, and how walking away from a particularly unhealthy relationship led to a self-discovery journey that continues to this day!

Following Christal’s piece is one written by Emily, co-founder of The Mindful Hour. She opens up about how she couldn’t wait to finish her degree, but when the time came she felt directionless – that is, until a certain conversation at her graduation ceremony.

We then have a guest feature written by Kellie Ann Terrones, in which she sheds light on the truth about physical, emotional and mental abuse, sharing her story in order to help others. A bit she wrote that really struck a chord with me is: “It’s not love, please see the difference and make a plan, be smart and be safe” – make sure to give the piece a read when it gets published!

In the middle of the month, we have a guest feature by Cheska, creator of @delicatepickle. In it, Cheska talks about her empathic tendency to absorb other people’s energy, and how with the help of her counsellor she’s started paving the way towards leading a more positive life!

After Cheska’s guest feature is Mandy Waryasz’s, founder of Inherent Worth. In the piece, Mandy opens up about her self-sabotaging past and how a healing programme was exactly what she needed to overcome her self-doubt and be able to create, connect, express and love with ease.

We also have a piece written by Emily’s fellow co-founder of The Mindful Hour, Renee. She opens up about how her undergraduate degree experiences (both personal and academic) led to a greater understanding of human suffering, and how we can start perceiving it in a different light.

April’s penultimate guest feature on Free to Spiel has been written by Simran. In the feature, Simran talks about her struggles with body image and anxiety over the years, and how Instagram has been used as a tool for good during the pandemic.

Last but not least, we have Sharmayne’s guest feature. She bravely writes about her internal battle caused by having a “perfect” life on the outside (partner, kids, house and friends), yet still feeling discontent on a deeper level – something that led her to start making goals and holding herself accountable.

Wishing you all a wonderful April!

Liz x

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