Everything will get better

Trigger warning: mention of self-hate, depression, anxiety & suicidal thoughts

This guest feature has been written by the creator of The Feeling Good Place (@thefeelinggoodplace), who started the page to help others learn to love themselves and live healthier lifestyles. In this feature, the author discusses their mental health struggles over the years, and how a certain realisation about life changed everything!

“I always felt ashamed and embarrassed about [my mental health struggles]”

I know what it’s like to wake up every morning wishing you hadn’t, and to hate everything about you and your life. That’s why I strive to help others realize how important they are and how beautiful this life really is.

I’ve had many of my own struggles with depression and anxiety. I always felt ashamed and embarrassed about them because they were never talked about. However, as I began to learn more about mental health I discovered that everyone struggles with mental health in some way or another – it’s so normal and isn’t anything to be ashamed of!

“All that really matters in life is how happy you are”

The turning point was when I finally realized you only live ONCE. I only get to experience this life one time, and I don’t want to waste it being unhappy with myself and my life.

I realized that I don’t have everything, but all that really matters in life is how happy you are. From that point on, I started taking better care of myself and investing more time in doing the things I enjoyed.

As I developed ways to help me cope with my anxiety and depression, my life got so much better and I became a much happier person. Adopting a positive mindset and learning to love myself has helped all areas of my life; I’m more productive and confident, happier and kinder.

I know that a lot of people who struggle with mental health feel hopeless and don’t think things will get better. However, as someone who was once one of those people I can tell you that everything WILL GET BETTER!

Top tips for people seeking a more positive mindset

1. Don’t ignore your feelings

Negative feelings will not go away by you just ignoring and distracting yourself from them. You need to spend a few minutes thinking about what is causing these thoughts, and how you can deal with them.

2. Make time for YOU!

Dedicate some time each day (or even a whole day) to yourself, to spend doing something you enjoy and makes you feel good! You deserve to take a break from everything that’s going on around you and focus on yourself.

If you never place yourself as top priority, then you will always put other people and things first, and will never be able to fully love yourself.

3. Reminders

This can be anything. You could put sticky notes with positive affirmations up, follow positive accounts on social media, or find a motivational quote and put it in a visible place (e.g. on your mirror or set as your phone background).

When you’re having a bad day, sometimes all you need is a reminder that everything’s okay, and that you’ve got this!

Thank you to the author, for sharing your story! Readers can connect with them via Instagram (@thefeelinggoodplace).

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