Deciding that I deserve more in life

Trigger warning: mention of anxiety.

This guest feature has been written by Emily, creator of @life_supp0rt on Instagram. In this wonderful feature, Emily discusses how she went from not letting herself be happy to realising her own self-worth, and the positive difference it’s made ever since! Over to you, Emily:

Before vs. After

Hi, my name is Emily! I used to be a bit different than I am now – like most people are before they turn their life around and learn to have a more positive outlook.

I was much more negative and pessimistic about everything before, and I had a hard time letting myself be happy. I struggled a lot with anxiety and that was difficult because it made it harder to focus in school and made my life much more complicated.

I went through a rough patch in middle school that really made me realize how important it is to be positive, to learn to be thankful for everything you have and to appreciate the little things in life. It certainly wasn’t easy but it’s more than possible!

My turning point that inspired me to become more positive happened when I was in high school. I had recently gotten out of a toxic relationship and decided that I deserved more in life than what I was letting myself have.

I started reading quotes and books about mental health and supporting my friends through their struggles as well. I found positive ways to impact the world that were also healthy for me. I discovered that I felt much better about myself and was becoming more positive as I surrounded myself with positive people and things. It was a very rewarding experience and feeling to have!

Since this turning point, people have told me that I seem happier (which I am). I’m more comfortable with myself and the person I am. Although I still deal with anxiety, I’ve found coping mechanisms that work really well so that it doesn’t impact my health.

6 ways to become more positive

I have so, so SO many top tips:

  • The main one I would say is to do what you love, do what makes you happy.
  • Hang in there, it gets better.
  • Music was a life saver for me.
  • Make sure to smile – even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Learn that you can trust some people.
  • You are beautifully amazing just the way you are.

I get it, you’re not alone. I promise you that you can turn your life around.

Thank you Emily, for sharing your story! Readers are invited to connect with Emily via DM on Instagram (@life_supp0rt) for coping mechanisms, or simply if they need to talk.

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