Much more to come in March!

Welcome to Free to Spiel’s March update!

The positivity platform has continued to grow over the past month, with twice-weekly guest features (every Monday & Thursday) providing valuable support and guidance to readers.

I’m so grateful to be receiving messages from people telling me that Free to Spiel is reassuring them at a time of so much uncertainty. With guest features lined up until mid-May, I can’t wait to share EVEN MORE content over the coming months!

First of all – and perhaps most excitingly – I’ve launched a Free to Spiel podcast! The first episode will be released this Wednesday 3rd March, so keep your eyes peeled for updates (click here to learn more and listen to the trailer today!).

I’ve also spent the past few weeks planning a revamp of the website (switching from pink and purple to yellow and beige tones). This is not only to give the platform more of a spring/summer vibe, but also to appeal to a wider audience.

Free to Spiel’s theme on social media is evolving as well, with unique graphics that I hope will give the platform a more original, authentic feel. I’ll be featuring quotes from past guest features and will be switching up the design of announcements of new guest features, to make it easier for readers to put a face to the name!

Here’s what you can expect from Free to Spiel this month:

To start off with, we have a guest feature written by Emily (@life_supp0rt). In her feature, Emily discusses her journey from preventing herself from being happy, to discovering her true self-worth.

Following this is Cat Masou’s story, in which she opens up about the detrimental effects of perfectionism – something that she’s been working on for the past few months since experiencing extreme burnout last year.

After Cat’s guest feature is one written by Brianne, Creator of The Healing Archive on Instagram. In the piece, Brianne talks about living with cerebral palsy and how it “depressed, defined and saved” her.

The next guest feature is about Life Coach and Trainee Counsellor Hollie Randlesome’s transformation from angry and aggressive due to unresolved early trauma, to calm and content with life.

Following on from Hollie’s feature is one by the Creator of The Feeling Good Place. Having lived with mental health issues for multiple years, one day they realised that we only have one life and should make the most of it.

Towards the end of March is Zoe’s guest feature. In this piece, she tell us about the life-threatening accident that left her living with a trach for the next 2 years. Her constant positivity and optimism, no matter the circumstances, is certainly something to be admired!

The penultimate guest feature for this month has been written by Mindfulness Coach Jon Barbieri. He chats to us about being an introvert in a corporate environment, and how mindfulness eventually helped him recover from extreme burnout and ultimately saved his life.

Last but not least is the story of Tripat Riyait, Founder of Inspire Calm. In the piece, Tripat opens up about her chronic pain conditions negatively impacting her mental health in the past, and how creativity as an outlet for healing has proved extremely valuable.

Wishing you all an inspiring March!

Liz x

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