Flourishing in February!

Well…we’ve made it to February! It’s almost unbelievable how much has changed in the past 12 months – both on a global level AND in terms of the personal transformations that my lovely Free to Spiel guest writers have undergone.

After being completely taken aback by the sheer number of people interested in sharing their stories, last month I decided to publish 2 guest features per week. It’s gone down an absolute treat, with Free to Spiel reaching 1,000+ followers on Instagram and seeing more and more people signing up to the mailing list (shameless plug below:)

So, before I announce the exciting guest features for February, I just want to reiterate how thankful I am for everyone’s support. Free to Spiel continues to grow and develop with each day that passes, none of which would be possible without your likes, comments and shares!

So, here’s what you can expect from Free to Spiel this month:

Free to Spiel’s first guest feature of the month has been written by the creator of lockdown_teens. In it, she talks about how lockdown and the constant stream of negativity in the media actually gave her a reason to seek positivity!

We then have a feature by Liz, also known as Liz in Lotus. She opens up about how hitting rock bottom was the catalyst for her spiritual awakening, during which she saw various synchronicities that she simply couldn’t ignore.

After Liz we have a wonderful guest feature by Skylar Rae, who discusses the issue of “fake positivity”. Featuring her account of shifting her mindset and some valuable top tips, Skylar Rae’s piece really emphasises how we’re all entitled to our emotions.

By this point we’re in mid-February, with a guest feature that focuses on author Sarah’s experiences as a military wife, including the difficulties associated with starting afresh and the importance of true friendships.

Sarah’s piece is followed by a feature written by Heenal, who discusses how mindfulness – a form of meditation – has proven beneficial in allowing her to process emotions and feelings rather than claiming “weak” as her identity.

The penultimate guest feature this month has been written by the founder of @motivation.empowerment.gal. She shares her experiences of becoming more empowered back when she was a teenager, and the role of a recent break-up in encouraging her to become more positive!

The final post this month has been written by Caoilfhionn (“Kwee-lin”) Buckley, talking about her drastic lifestyle change from corporate consultant to life coach with The Thrive Programme (with the trip of a lifetime to southeast Asia somewhere along the way!).

Wishing you all a lovely February!

Liz x

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