Speaking the truth to make a difference

This guest feature has been written by Truth, who not only has a wonderful Instagram page full of quotes and life lessons (@ispeaktruth102), but also a blog called Innocence Overload. Truth has kindly shared her personal story about how remaining silent has led to manipulation in the past, with the techniques she’s used ever since having opened doors to help others!

My name is Truth and I’m many things: a writer, a feminist, a graduate, but most importantly, a woman. I say it proudly.

Truth is not my real name (I wished it was). I chose to call my soul Truth because it’s who I am. I’m all about integrity and it allows me to use my voice so I can inspire others. Writing has always been my passion and it allows me to express myself. When I was a senior in college, I majored in Broadcast Journalism with the hopes of becoming a reporter, but as much as I enjoy broadcast TV, blogging has always sparked my interest. 

Growing up, I fought a battle because of my silence. I didn’t know how to use my voice. Because of it, I allowed others to come in and take control, which gave more room for manipulation. As a child, having friends was a goal. I had friends who cared about me and friends who ‘pretended’ to ‘like’ me just to get me in trouble.

As I got older, something came over me. I was exhausted and took a stand and said, “No more!”. When you get tired of being hurt over and over again, it makes you look at life from a different standpoint. 

I told myself that life is too short. I don’t need an abundance of friends just to show people I exist. I care about my worth. I care about self-love and happiness. I care about making others feel good about themselves. It’s never too late to make a difference.

One pro tip you can do in being positive is reading affirmations; I can’t express enough how much it helps. Whenever you’re down, trust and believe – it will do wonders. Also, I recommend using social media to help those in need. So, if you’re like me, start a page on Instagram (@ispeaktruth102). Try to focus on spending more time on your content and less on your followers; anxiety will take effect, but the ones who take time to like a post or leave a comment are those who truly care.

Thank you Truth for sharing your story and providing some top tips to help others find their way towards a more positive and fulfilled life!

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