New year, new stories!

First of all, I want to start off by saying that 2020 was a difficult and tumultuous time for us all – some more than others – and that we should all be proud of ourselves for making it into 2021! It may not feel like it right now, but I do believe that things will get better as the year goes on. We just need to have faith, stay in contact with loved ones and practice self-love as much as possible.

Now, onto Free to Spiel…

I launched the platform at the start of November 2020, expecting it to start off slowly with blog posts written mainly by me alongside the occasional guest feature by people who were interested. All I can say is, boy did I get that wrong!

In the 2 months since Free to Spiel went live, it has amassed an incredible 700+ followers on Instagram, with people from all over the world wanting to share their story about pursuing positivity and happiness. In light of this, I’ve changed the platform’s mission and will be posting these stories as the main focus. To give you an insight into what’s in store each month, I’ll be writing a short summary (just like this one).

So, without further ado here’s what you can expect from Free to Spiel this month:

Starting off in 2021 is a post by the wonderful Pooja, founder of The IT Word. In her feature, she talks about her transformation from being a shy teenager who didn’t have the courage to put herself “out there”, to become a confident advocate for change!

Following this is a feature written by Truth, who has used her past experiences of remaining silent and being manipulated to create a life where she believes in herself (with some super helpful top tips!).

There’s also a guest feature by Isabella from Internalize Positivity, in which she talks about the important role that gratitude has played in helping her see through the darkness and visualize a future she wants to be a part of.

We’re then past the middle of January, with the next feature having been written by Ankita (another lovely soul I connected with via Instagram). She opens up about her childhood and how whilst it was “different” to many other people’s due to health conditions and allergies, she didn’t let it stop her from living life with a positive outlook.

After Isabelle’s guest feature is one by Zoë Cykosky, known to many as the creator of ‘Zoë’s Two Dots on Life’. Her lust for life and positive mindset is infectious, with her feature focusing on why you should start your self-development journey in 2021 (something I’m in total support of!).

The final feature of the month is on a super important topic: self-love. Written by Celeste Moon, the piece touches upon mental health battles and the transformation from self-hatred to embracing yourself for who you are, flaws and all.

Thank you to each and every writer, as without you Free to Spiel wouldn’t be what it is (and continues to become) today!

Wishing you all a January full of growing and thriving,

Liz x

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