Powerlifting transformed me from victim to victorious

Trigger warning: mention of sexual abuse & childhood trauma

This week, Certified Coach Practitioner, Health and Fitness Expert and Live Happy on Purpose Founder Katie Bielefeld has kindly allowed me to re-post her personal story, which saw her transform from victim to victorious. With over a decade of experience, Katie is the go-to woman if you’re seeking to heal from past wounds and become a physically, mentally and emotionally stronger version of your current self. Without further ado, here’s Katie’s story:

I specialize in helping women end the war against their bodies by taking full control over their health through better nutrition, positive lifestyle changes and personal empowerment.

Why do I know how to help women achieve this? Well, because I’ve been through it myself. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I spent the first 33 years of my life feeling a loss of control over my own body. Knowing the logic behind the root of my shame and self-disgust, I felt powerless and numb to pretty much everything.

My journey into powerlifting

In 2015, my amazingly supportive husband Jordan encouraged me to register for my first ever powerlifting meet. I went into it assuming that all I would gain is some strength and muscle – but powerlifting ended up doing more for me than I could ever have previously imagined.

The intense weightlifting sessions presented a unique opportunity for me to think about my own trauma recovery. I found myself beginning to heal and grow, focusing on my life from a new perspective.

I can now say with confidence that I know the road to healing from past trauma.

In fact, I can still remember the very first time I felt properly connected to my mind, body and soul. It was just after posting a video on my Instagram story, which featured myself lifting weights that I never thought would be possible. In the moments after writing the caption “This is my therapy” and publishing the video, I felt more empowered than ever before.

I assure you that no matter who you are and what your story is, you can still achieve a happy and healthy life that isn’t restricted by the war you are at against your body.

The Body-Wired Method

Through power lifting, I have discovered something magnificent: The Body-Wired Method.

As a holistic health coach, I am constantly reminded of how past traumas and emotional wounds play out on the physical body.

However, no pill, powder, program, product, personal trainer or professional guru can solve a problem that’s been created from a lack of self-love.

Early on, I found that while I was enhancing the power of my physical body, I also started to adopt better self-care practices. I made healthier life choices that empowered and connected me to the physical body that I had disassociated from so long before. 

Today, I use the Body-Wired Method to coach and facilitate the healing of trauma-impacted women and girls. The Method is founded upon physical fitness strategies, but it’s so much more than just that.

By approaching strength training in a trauma-enlightened way, the Body-Wired Method has been praised for fostering the following:

  • Heightened resilience
  • A positive connection to one’s self and others
  • Greater self-trust
  • Increased autonomy
  • Empowered choice patterning
  • Improved functioning of the nervous system
  • Enhanced awareness of inner body sensations

By applying the Body-Wired Method, trauma-affected women and young girls can open the door to better health and a higher quality of life – even straight after a session, when their body releases chemicals that give an instant boost to their mood and energy levels.

On a deeper psychological level, the development of greater physical strength can translate to enhanced feelings of self-trust.

Over time, women and girls become more curious about the process of trying new and familiar movements under increased resistance. Also, through the process of strength training, women and girls incrementally practice emotional regulation and the acceptance of failure and success.

Thank you, Katie, for sharing your story!

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